In-office Aligners Manufacturing

"We were quite impressed by the speed in which you returned the first case and the fact that eXceed literally provides files which require no work on our part before printing."
Joe Fortwengler, GA

More and more patients are asking for aligners but due to costly vendor fees, many are forced to decline or postpone treatment. Thanks to eXceed 3D aligner design software and manufacturing solution, digital orthodontics has now become more affordable.

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Upload Records
Review Design
Review Design
Print Models
Print Models
Fabricate Aligners
Fabricate Aligners
30-Aligners Case Study

Aligners vendor


Aligners plan: $245
Model printing: $120 ($4/aligner)
Vacuum forming foils: $60 ($2/aligner)

  • Save up to 70% in aligner lab fees
  • High-quality, Clincheck-like aligner designs ready for approval
  • Aligners can be seated in just one week
  • Full control as to when and how many aligners to produce
  • Lost or damaged aligners no longer an issue


What does the eXceed fee include?
1) initial screening by our tech team re aligner suitability;
2) a full, orthodontist-inspected, aligners plan, including any number of revisions until approval;
3) all necessary print files, based on the approved plan;
4) one refinement during the duration of the treatment;
5) email and phone support for the aligners manufacturing process.
How does the process work?
The process is the same as with the traditional vendors, the only difference being that with eXceed, we
simply send the print files which can later be used to fabricate the aligners.
What happens if I do not like the Aligners plan?
eXceed will perform an unlimited number of revisions, until the aligners design is approved. Experienced
users can also change the set-ups themselves.
What happens if a refinement is necessary?
The eXceed fee includes one free refinement.
What happens if the patient declines the treatment?
The eXceed fee still applies. Most treatment refusals are based on financial considerations, with eXceed
aligners, the price quoted to the patient can be far more competitive.