"In eXceed, just like invialign, you can see where attachments go and IPR"
Dr. August De Oliviera, CA

Thanks to progress in digital orthodontics, aligners have established themselves as a true alternative to braces. Clear aligners go virtually unnoticeable and they sit very comfortably in the mouth, without the irritations typically associated with brackets. Aligners are easily removable and have no dietary restrictions related to them.

eXceed now offers a state-of-the-art solution to aligners manufacturing. Once the necessary records are uploaded, a clincheck-like plan is generated by our team. Then, the eXceed orthodontic software is used to review, modify and accept the plan, as well as for patient's consultation. Upon approval, eXceed sends a sequence of universally-coded print files, compatible with all ortho 3D printers. The aligners can then be produced, easily and economically.


eXceed Aligners



No. of Aligners

Up to 20

21 and above

Pre to post simulation



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Do you accept scans from intra-oral or desktop scanners?

Yes, we accept. STL files from any intra-oral or desktop scanner, provided the quality is good and there are separate files for the upper and lower arches in correct occlusal orientation. Moreover, eXceed has a direct integration with the iTero, CS 3600 and Trios intra-oral scanners, which means that you can easily order a scan to be sent to us without having to manually upload the files.

Do you also accept analog impressions or physical models?

The eXceed partners offer a 3D model scanning service from impressions/models. To ensure quality, please send PVS impressions or stone models along with a centric occlusion (CO) bite registration. STL file format is required. Alginate impressions or plaster models are not accepted.

What are the turn-around times?

Aligners' plans are posted within up to 6 business days. The count starts from the moment we have all the necessary records. Print files are transmitted within up to 4 business hours from approval, at which point production can begin.

How can cases be viewed, modified and approved?

Download and install the free eXceed Dr. software from our Tech Center

Does eXceed use attachments to improve treatment outcome?

Yes, attachments are used to better control mesial rotation, extrusion and bodily movements

How does eXceed stage the increments?

Using our proprietary software and experience gained from thousands of cases, we ensure that all movement types are clinically attainable, performing increments of up to 0.25 mm in each aligner. We would typically move the molars, then premolars and only then the anterior teeth to avoid interferences.