In-Office Aligners

Manufacture dental aligners in-house to save costs and get more patients

Finally, Aligners Have Become Truly Affordable
Save up to 70% on Aligner Lab Fees

Patients all over the world are excited about orthodontic aligners but costly vendor fees are a limiting factor. Now, adaptive design and manufacturing solutions from eXceed have made high-quality aligner treatment more accessible than before.

Upload Records
Upload Records
Approve Design
Approve Design
Print Models
Print Models
Fabricate Aligners
Fabricate Aligners
Key Benefits
  • Save up to 70% on aligner lab bills.
  • High-quality aligner designs ready for approval.
  • Aligners can be seated in just a few days.
  • Lost or damaged aligners no longer an issue.
  • Aligner case fees can be equal to that of braces.
Why choose eXceed?:
  • We have delivered more than 35,000 aligner plans since 2015.
  • The eXceed software platform is cloud-based and mobile-friendly.
  • Every eXceed plan is verified by a certified orthodontist.
  • Interactive 3D simulation links emailed to your patients' phones.
  • We support the entire manufacturing cycle, from submission to labeling.

Get started

eXceed is not just for social 6 or cosmetic cases. We are able to design and plan treatments for a full range of orthodontic indications, starting from mild crowding and all the way to treating class II with aligners and elastics. Please view the sample videos below.