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Printing eXceed Models
03. Printing eXceed Models
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The Sensible Approach to Clear Aligner Design

eXceed software and design services enable in-office aligner production

Orthodontic treatment with aligners is becoming increasingly widespread. Initially introduced 20 years ago, clear aligners have been established as a true alternative to traditional brackets. Unlike braces, aligners are transparent, easy to wear, remove and clean. These features are highly appreciated by today’s patients.

However, the main disadvantage of aligner therapy is lab costs. The market price of a 30-aligners treatment ranges from 1500 EUR to 2500 EUR. Not everybody could afford that.

Luckily, eXceed is here to change that. As a “2nd Generation” aligner provider,eXceed offers a different approach to aligner production. We call it “In-office Aligners manufacturing”. Thanks to the development of desktop 3d printers, every dental office can now produce affordable orthodontic aligners - in-house.

Upload Records
Upload Records
Approve Design
Approve Design
Print Models
Print Models
Fabricate Aligners
Fabricate Aligners
That’s how it works:
1. Open an Exceed account
2. Upload diagnostic materials
3. Approve Exceed virtual treatment plan
4. Get STL file for your printer
5. Produce aligners

eXceed accepts high-quality occluded models in STL format acquired directly, through intraoral scans, or indirectly, through scanning of impressions/models by desktop scanners. The list of compatible scanners is shown below. Furthermore, some scanners offer direct connectivity or bridge with eXceed, which means that scan files can be sent through a command, instead of being manually uploaded.

What software does eXceed use for planning aligners?

We use our own software that was developed and adapted for our needs. Being an aligner producer ourselves, we know exactly what is important when it comes to production and treatment.

Get Started with eXceed
  1. Go to the “Get Started” Page;
  2. Fill out contact and billing details;
  3. Service Agreement will be generated and sent via email;
  4. Our Support Team will generate the account;
  5. Schedule a remote session to submit first case

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