February 19, 2020

Interproximal Reduction (IPR)

There are various methods to perform IPR. Some methods use abrasive strips (manual or mechanical) with different grain thicknesses from medium to ultra. Note that abrasive strips of high caliber are used for grinding and of smaller caliber for cleaning so that you can keep the original contour of the teeth crowns and surface smoothness. 

IPR with abrasive strips


When using manual IPR with abrasive strips, it is recommended to first perform insulation job, absolute or relative (usually the latter).


It is important that the site is isolated and dry, because saliva can make the strips get wet and lose their effectiveness. This method uses steel abrasive strips and rubber strips for processing. It can be applied manually or with the help of special devices that clamp the strips, giving them the same effect as a hacksaw. The advantage in this case is a greater degree of control over the amount of enamel removed and high quality processing. Special gauges can be obtained from eXceed, please contact our partners.


For IPR the Ormco SKU 800-8102 Interproximal Stripper Kit is recommended.


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